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By Kathy Savitt, CMO and Head of Media

We love the rush of live, memorable moments - the excitement that arises from a firsthand experience of an incredible event, or the immediacy of watching a breaking news story unfold. It’s not always possible to be there in person, but thanks to Yahoo, now you can experience even more of what you love in real time.

This year, we’re expanding our live video experiences to offer even more video content than ever before, including unbelievable concerts with the biggest music festivals to add to live music concerts with top tier artists, informative and insightful finance and news coverage, and fan-favorite entertainment.

Since we launched Yahoo Live in July 2014, we delighted Yahoo users with live programming with more than 110 million streams.  Through our partnership with Live Nation, 43% of the people visiting our live music content are new to the Yahoo network, with highly engaged users staying on Yahoo Live for an average of 24 minutes.


One of the series we’re announcing is Ultimate DJ, a global Electronic Music competition-style live series that is executive produced by Simon Cowell, Patrick Moxey, Hamish Hamilton, Ian Stewart and Kelly Belldegrun.

Simon Cowell said, “I have always been excited to be involved in a show where you have the chance to discover a star. And to do that, I know from experience you need great partners and the rest will follow. We’re excited to be partnering with Patrick Moxey of Ultra Records and Hamish Hamilton of Done and Dusted to bring this series to Yahoo.”

“Ultra Records has broken many of the biggest Electronic DJ artists of today and we’re thrilled to be a part of this series for Yahoo to bring the newest Electronic Music DJ artists to a massive audience,” said Patrick Moxey of Ultra Records.

Hamish Hamilton of Done and Dusted added, “I love nothing more than capturing the energy of a live event. Now with Ultimate DJ we’ll send that excitement around Electronic Music around the world. This is something that could only exist online, something truly innovative.

  • Ultimate DJ - Created by Syco Entertainment and executive produced by Simon Cowell, Patrick Moxey of Ultra Records and Syco Entertainment’s Kelly Belldegrun, Ultimate DJ will be co-produced by Syco Entertainment and Done and Dusted and also executive produced by Ian Stewart and Hamish Hamilton, who will also executive direct. Ultimate DJ will see some of the hottest new Electronic Music DJ artists from around the world competing in this live global series. Set to air on Yahoo Live with voting via Tumblr, the winner will be crowned the Ultimate DJ and be offered an opportunity to headline a major Electronic Music festival and a record contract with Ultra Records & Sony Music.

We’re announcing additional new Live video content, including:

  • Live Nation & Yahoo: Year 2 - The Live Nation Channel on Yahoo Live has become the online destination for live music.  In our second year, we’ll go beyond live streaming the most anticipated concerts to also broadcasting the world’s most acclaimed music festivals.
    • One of the festivals we’ll feature is Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas- one of the world’s largest music festivals, which draws over 400k attendees, selling out without announcing a single artist.
  • iHeartRadio Concert Series - We’re dialing up our partnership with iHeartMedia, as Yahoo Live will broadcast all of iHeartMedia’s top events, including the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party, the iHeartRadio Music Festival and Jingle Ball, in addition to album release parties and concerts performed by a roster of smash hit artists.
  • Superfan Live - Yahoo Live will offer fanatic users live after-shows featuring exclusive content from the most talked-about primetime TV shows, including recaps, interviews with casts and creators, and exclusive content to give fans a home to interact around their favorite shows.
  • Everybody’s Business - A Yahoo Finance live weekly show that delivers the smartest take on the stories that users really want to know. Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer will lead a cast of contributors including Birchbox CEO Katia Beauchamp, OZY CEO Carlos Watson, Fusion Senior Editor Felix Salmon and LinkedIn New Economy Editor Caroline Fairchild to discuss  the intersection of business, technology and culture.
  • Yahoo News Live - A new daily live broadcast show from Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric and the Yahoo News team, including News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga, Political Columnist Matt Bai, and Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff as they bring a big story live and on-demand every day. Insights about top news stories will be accompanied by interviews, analysis and access to Yahoo News’ world class news team.

By Kathy Savitt, CMO and Head of Media

This year we brought the world the sixth season of Community, created by Dan Harmon, and series premieres of Mike Tollin’s Sin City Saints and Paul Feig’s Other Space exclusively via Yahoo Screen.  We’re excited to announce another new original long-form series from another set of strong creators and storytellers.


The Pursuit is a new series about what it means to be in your late 20s in 2015 in Manhattan.  Some people say millennials have lost the destination, but maybe they’re just the first ones smart enough to question the journey.  As an edgier, 21st century take on Friends in the era of social media, we follow this group of characters in pursuit of what their generation desires: success, love, material wealth, happiness….or maybe some, all, or none of the above. The Pursuit is from executive producers Scott Stuber (Ted, Identity Thief, The Break-Up, Role Models) and Dylan Clark (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Heat) and director and executive producer Beth McCarthy Miller (Saturday Night Live, Modern Family.)

In the meantime, stay tuned for hilarious upcoming episodes of the sixth season of Community and check out the recently launched Sin City Saints and Other Space only on Yahoo Screen.

By Kathy Savitt, CMO and Head of Media

We’ve been busy since we announced our first digital magazine last year.  We’ve launched 13 digital magazines, which include No. 1 category leaders, Yahoo Style, Yahoo Beauty, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Travel and Yahoo Parenting, each outpacing competition and garnering top rankings.1  The focus for our first year was about launching with great writing, photography and design.  This year, Yahoo Digital Magazines are evolving to become full digital video channels.  Many of our Digital Magazines already have video series garnering over 1 million views per episode.

Today at our NewFront presentation, we are announcing 14 new video series, in addition to nine launched since the beginning of 2015, for a total of 47 original series across Yahoo’s Digital Magazine Channels. The new series include:

  • I Am Naomi: A Yahoo Style series featuring fashion icon Naomi Campbell, offering viewers a backstage pass as she spends time with the world’s most powerful and influential people. From Executive Producer Naomi Campbell and produced by Untitled Matador Content.

  • Riding Shotgun with Michelle Rodriguez: A Yahoo Auto series with actress Michelle Rodriguez jumping behind the wheel and into the driver’s seat to put the fastest cars to the test as she gears down and weighs in on their performance.  From Executive Producer Michelle Rodriguez and produced by Untitled Matador Content.

  • Thug Kitchen: A Yahoo Food series featuring millennial bloggers and best-selling authors of The Thug Kitchen Official Cookbook, Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, in which they share their edgy take on healthy living through simple recipes, cooking with locally-sourced ingredients and insisting on fresh food.

  • YourTech: A six month national experiment from Yahoo Tech in collaboration with PBS’ NOVA, where David Pogue will test and explore the newest trends in wearable tech.

  • #OneSmallThing: A Yahoo Health series where our editors and celebrity wellness experts provide simple daily tips to transform your health and inspire a social movement.

  • Viewfinder: A short-form documentary series on Yahoo News profiling the most compelling people and issues important to a new generation, as told by talented young storytellers and in partnership with universities across the country.

  • Made it With: A Yahoo Makers series featuring interviews with celebrities about their crafting passions and hobbies.

  • Made Good: A Yahoo Makers series featuring DIY industry rising stars and the creative, crafty ways they’re inspiring young makers to solve their tough personal situations.

  • NewsBites: A Yahoo News series from Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric that provides the day’s quick news headlines in digestible 60 second (or less) clips.

  • Offensive Interference: A Yahoo Sports series where comedy and sports collide and athletes are put in the hot seat to answer hard hitting and hilarious questions from one of the entertainment industry’s funniest comedians.

  • MLB Condensed Games: A Yahoo Sports series through an exclusive partnership with MLBAM that cuts down the previous day’s games into 10-20 minute recaps.

  • Superfan Live, Everybody’s Business and Yahoo News LIve as listed in our Live programming blogpost.

Our recently launched programming from the beginning of 2015 includes: Yahoo Beauty (Beauty Stories, The Breakdown, Beauty Survival); Yahoo Tech (Best You Can Buy); Yahoo Health (Fit it In, Health Detective); Yahoo Makers (HomeMade, KatieMade); Yahoo News (Snapchat Discover.)

Yahoo’s Digital Magazines are comprised of: Yahoo Food, Yahoo Tech, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Beauty, Yahoo Health, Yahoo Style, Yahoo Makers, Yahoo Parenting, Yahoo Music, Yahoo Politics, Yahoo TV and Yahoo Autos.

Other Digital Magazine video programming includes: Yahoo Style (I Yahoo’d Myself, Fashion Bites, Timeless/Time Warp/Time To Hide); Yahoo Tech (Pogue Basics, Pogue Video Reviews); Yahoo Travel (A Broad Abroad, Brittany’s Travel Hacks); Yahoo Celebrity, TV and Movies (TV In No Time, The Insider on Yahoo, The Yahoo Movie Show); Yahoo News (Newsmakers, World 3.0, Now I Get It, Trending); Yahoo Sports (Fantasy Football Live, Fantasy Minute, Instant Reactions, Power Rankings, Sports Dash); Yahoo Finance (Big Business, Economics, Trending Topics, Personal Finance); Yahoo Food (Treat Me Right).

There are more exciting updates to come, so stay tuned!

Source: March 2015 comScore Multi Platform Custom Category

By Lisa Utzschneider, SVP, Sales, Americas

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Millward Brown Digital, a leader in brand and digital measurement, that will provide more scalable brand impact measurement for digital ad campaigns, including video, across Yahoo. We are making it easier for marketers to view the most up-to-date metrics such as brand awareness, favorability, purchase intent and recommendation. 


Our goal is to make digital advertising measurement simple and scalable. This offering will enable brand marketers to measure and optimize brand lift metrics for all their campaigns across Yahoo and our extensive network. Advertisers will have a more accurate view of ad/brand awareness, favorability, message association and purchase intent for their digital ad campaigns.

The solution will initially be available for U.S. advertisers. We’re committed to providing the best campaign measurement for our clients, both through our internal data and with leading third party tools, and our work with Millward Brown Digital is the latest innovation in this area.

For more information, contact your Yahoo account director.

By Olivia Khalili, Director, Yahoo For Good

The people of Nepal are coming to grips with their new reality following the deadliest earthquake their country has seen in more than 80 years this past Saturday.

Yahoo stands by the people of Nepal. We ask that you join us in helping to ensure the Nepalese have the vital assistance they need right now.

When you visit our homepage, you’ll see a link: “Nepal Quake: How to Help.” Click on this link to help us raise critical funds, which aid organizations will deliver in the form of assistance to the Nepalese people.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.05.35 PM.png

The American Red Cross, International Medical Corps, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam and Save the Children are helping to lead search and rescue missions, providing blood supplies and delivering life-saving aid. Your gift will enable these aid organizations to help people recover from this disaster.

Thank you for joining us in this critical effort to stand by the people of Nepal.

By Prashant Fuloria, SVP Advertising Products

Today, more than ever, consumers are showing they love engaging with digital video across their devices. Whether it’s the latest highly anticipated movie trailer, a video from a friend on Snapchat or binge watching Community, consumers are taking advantage of all the new ways they can watch videos, no matter what device they’re using at the moment.

At Yahoo we fundamentally believe that digital advertising should be as delightful and engaging as the best content on the web. We also understand that marketers have a number of goals across their different campaigns - and we think they should be able to benefit from the value of video no matter what they’re trying to achieve, from brand awareness to app installs, which is why I’m thrilled to announce these two new powerful formats to help advertisers to reach their audiences: native video and video app-install ads.

With native video ads, we’ve combined two of our most engaging formats so that brand content can be as compelling as video can be as beautifully integrated to the other experiences on our homepage, digital magazines and apps. And it works -  when we conducted a blind case study, we found that viewing native video ads on Yahoo increased brand favorability up to 50 percent and purchase intent up to 28 percent.

For marketers and developers looking to drive installs, we’re now offering a format that combines the engagement of video and the performance of install ads. Add to that formula the unmatched targeting capability of Yahoo and Flurry Persona data to reach just the right mobile users and it’s no surprise Yahoo’s app install video ads see an 89 percent completion rate, and users acquired have up to 43 percent more app sessions than average.

Our partners at Zynga have seen incredible success with video app install ads. “Flurry, and now Yahoo, video app install ads have brought us high quality installs and highly engaged customers,” said John Dionisio, Sr. Director Performance Marketing at Zynga. “We rely on them for both new game launches and sustained, profitable install campaigns.”

I couldn’t be happier announce these new video formats for advertisers right before our NewFront event, where we’ll be showing the world even more of what Yahoo has planned in video. I hope to see you at Lincoln Center next week!

In the meantime, reach out to your Yahoo or BrightRoll representative to discuss how you can use our latest video formats to achieve your goals, or visit gemini.yahoo.com to get started right away.

By Susan Kittenplan, VP & Executive Editor, New Media Initiatives

Our recently launched Yahoo Autos digital magazine has a new leader, Sharon Carty, who is joining the team as editor-in-chief. Sharon’s deep experience in the auto industry, coupled with her background in digital media made her the perfect fit for this magazine. Sharon will lead a talented group of automotive experts including Managing Editor Justin Hyde, Editor-at-Large Alex Lloyd and Road Test Editor Aki Sugawara.

Sharon joins Yahoo Autos from AOL’s Autoblog where she was the editor-in-chief overseeing a staff of reporters and videographers. Sharon has covered the auto industry since 2002. She’s broken news on the General Motors and Chrysler bankruptcies, Toyota’s sudden acceleration recalls, and documented the emerging Asian markets by traveling to China, India and South Korea.  She served as USA Today’s Detroit bureau reporter and has written for the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Yahoo Autos puts readers in the driver’s seat with special access to unreleased cars, a redesigned new car research tool, exclusive interviews, breaking news and more. The Autos magazine features regular original videos, photography and stories from a host of automotive experts.

By James Deaker, VP Revenue Management and Ad Policy

At Yahoo, we’re committed to the safety and protection of our users. In fact, for years we’ve been committed to what has been perhaps the largest-ever transition to SSL encryption for any publisher with display ads. Most recently, we implemented an end-to-end encryption extension for Yahoo Mail. Strengthening our security everywhere helps create a safer experience for everyone across the internet. Yahoo also recently announced our Trust UnConference on April 25 in San Francisco, an event that will bring the industry together to discuss how we can ensure continued dedication to building safe and trustworthy products.

This dedication to security extends to our advertising experience. When it comes to the ads served through our network, we have a strict set of policies for our advertisers and partners to help ensure the ad experience for our users is a personalized, positive and engaging one. Years ago, we began working closely with our ad tech partners on the demand side on the transition to SSL, and many were as passionate as we were. Last month, we worked with our partners at MediaMath to open up a conversation about the importance of security when designing and serving digital ads. Soon after, the IAB issued its own post recognizing the industry need for the transition.

Strengthening online security also has direct benefits for advertisers. Strengthening online security helps the advertising industry address the issues such as bot traffic and other types of ad fraud, which allow for more precise audience reach and campaign measurement. Encryption is just one part of addressing this ongoing, industry-wide issue, but the more companies that join us in working together to improve the overall quality of the ecosystem, the better the experience will be for both advertisers and consumers.

Yahoo’s Trust and Safety team works tirelessly to protect our users and advertisers alike, ensuring that activities on our products and properties are safe and secure. We’re looking forward to more advertisers and partners taking heed of the IAB’s recent post on the subject so that all users can have a more secure experience across the web.


By Will Lu, Manager Fantasy Sports iOS


Daytime baseball is here and there’s nothing like it.  But when you have a full-time job or are stuck in class, it makes it hard to check on how your fantasy team is doing.  Enter the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App on Apple Watch.

With a completely re-imagined look and feel for the Apple Watch, the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App is designed to focus on the heart of the fantasy experience.  With Glances, you can now get a snapshot of your lineup, check injury status, view matchup stats, and see how badly you’re dominating your friends, all within a few seconds.

Did you notice that you’re about to crush your old college buddy?  It’s time to talk smack.  Using the Apple Watch dictation feature, you can smack talk with your league without ever having to type a word.  And if they also have the Apple Watch, they’ll receive a notification right to their wrist and realize their demise in real-time. 

Finally, the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App on the Apple Watch is the perfect complement to the iPhone app. While viewing any league on the watch you can simultaneously swipe up on your iPhone lock screen to view that particular league in detail.

Looks like games are about to start, time to go set your lineup and talk some smack.  Just download the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App for free in the App Store. Play ball!!

By Cerjary Chiang, Product Manager of Yahoo News TW/HK


With the Yahoo News Hong Kong App available on Apple Watch, you can now get breaking news delivered to your wrist and enjoy timely, local updates. With a Glance, scan through the top 10 headlines of the hour, selected by our Yahoo News Hong Kong editors, and open the story to read the first few lines.

If you want to read the full article, great! Just open your phone and check it out. Something fun: we’ll also show you how other readers feel about the article through a sentiment score, indicated by an animated icon.

Note: This experience is only available in HK.

By Shenglong Gao, Associate Product Manager, Mobile Weather 


Ever find yourself daydreaming about an upcoming vacation, wondering what the forecast will be? Or, perhaps, you need to assess the temperature outside so you can decide whether or not to grab your coat. Now, with Yahoo Weather App on Apple Watch, you’ll be able to quickly and effortlessly see the weather on your wrist with our Glance.

Always be prepared thanks to twice daily weather notifications delivered to your watch–the morning update will let you know what to expect during the day, and the evening forecast will give you an idea of tomorrow’s weather.

Want to know about current conditions, including what it “feels” like outside, chance of rain or snow, or the wind speed? What about when to watch for the sunrise and sunset? It’s all there on that convenient screen, and you can even browse through other locations to track the weather around the world. Just glance at your wrist and watch the story unfold.

Download the Yahoo Weather App on Apple Watch for free from the App Store!

By Nick D’Aloisio, Product Manager of Yahoo News Digest


With the Yahoo News Digest App on Apple Watch, you’ll never miss a beat. We’ll bring you the need-to-know story at the top of every hour so you’re always kept up-to-date.

Check the headline with a Glance or open your hourly news bulletin to learn more. Through our visual summarization, you can keep up with the day’s news in less than 10 seconds. Say goodbye to sporadic, annoying notifications - our bulletins provide a consistent, hourly cadence that users can anticipate naturally.

When your meeting finishes at 4pm, check the Glance on Apple Watch and you’ll see a beautiful, geometric poster - a Roman numeral depicting the hour of the bulletin - along with the headline. You can immediately scan the headline from the “Glances” view on the watch, without any need to open the app. If you are interested in the story, open your news bulletin and you’ll see a micro-summary of the news paired with with a map, infographic, stock ticker, image or statistic that brings the story to life. The last screen enables you to “speed read” so that you can easily soak in more information.

Just as the Yahoo News Digest App on iPhone is temporary in nature, we’ll discard every hourly bulletin on the Apple Watch once the hour has passed. We want you to feel informed with each news bulletin as the day’s events unfold. However, if you miss one, don’t worry - you can find every story that appears on the Watch in either the morning or evening digest on your iPhone.

Now for a twist - we’ll only deliver the hourly bulletin on weekdays, because that’s when we believe you’re more likely to check your watch hourly. And, in very select cases, we will deliver breaking news via notification so you won’t miss out.

With Yahoo News Digest, always feel in-the-know. Download it for free in the App Store.

Note: This experience is only available in the U.S.

By Adam Cahan, Senior Vice President

Yahoo apps come to Apple Watch April 24

The Apple Watch is one of the must-have tech accessories of the year, and at Yahoo, we love being where our users are headed. Seeing the Apple Watch inspired us to reimagine some of our most popular apps for the wrist so we can continue to be your guide to great experiences. In time for launch, we’ve simplified our apps to help you make the most of your Apple Watch.

Download the Yahoo News Digest App, Yahoo Sports Fantasy App, Yahoo Weather App, and Yahoo News Hong Kong for Apple Watch from the App Store for free for innovative experiences that will keep you in-the-know. Read on to learn more about each App:

Yahoo News Digest brings you the most important story on the hour, every hour so you’re always up-to-date. We’re introducing new microsummaries that visually inform you, and a brand new speed reading feature to get you in-the-know in seconds.


With Yahoo Sports Fantasy App, don’t worry about feeling distracted by the score while you’re at dinner. With a Glance, you can quickly see what’s going on in your matchups, check on your lineup for injuries, and even talk smack with your league using the Apple Watch dictation feature.


Yahoo Weather on Apple Watch will feature morning updates and evening forecasts. With our new “feels like” feature, you’ll always know whether it’s a t-shirt or sweater day - all while enjoying the app’s beautiful design.


With Yahoo News Hong Kong, you’ll receive breaking news delivered to your wrist and enjoy the top 10 headlines of the hour with a Glance. Want to know how other readers feel about a story? Check out the sentiment score and the animated emoticon will tell you if they love it or not.


By John Dunning, Director of Product Management

Contact cards are getting an upgrade - thanks to LinkedIn and Twitter! Earlier this month, Yahoo Mail launched a caller ID-like feature to bring you helpful contact information, right when you need it. Now through our partnerships with LinkedIn and Twitter, we are sharing even more helpful contact details.


Through our collaboration with LinkedIn and Twitter, we offer new enhancements including names for email addresses, profile photos and links to social profiles. LinkedIn also provides us with up-to-date company and title information. With Twitter, search results pages and contact details for people may now feature their recent Tweets if they are active on Twitter. Both integrations are dependent on the email address you have for a contact being the one associated with their social profile. This new LinkedIn and Twitter information combines with our existing data to create perfect contact cards with vital information at a glance, including photo (or logo if it’s a company), phone number and job title.


To take advantage of our integration with Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn or Twitter - just connect to your accounts by clicking on the gear in the top right corner of Yahoo Mail. Next, select Settings and then Accounts, and click “Connect” next to whichever account you want. Right from the contact card, you will be able to click on links to visit their complete social profiles. It may take a few minutes for us to load all the new data so please be patient. 


We’re rolling out LinkedIn and Twitter for contact cards to desktop users in the U.S. We hope you enjoy the new additions. For more information, visit our Help page. Please let us know what you think. 

By Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

Today, I’m excited to announce a renewed search alliance with Microsoft.  The agreement opens up significant opportunities in our partnership, enabling both partners to improve the search experience, create value for advertisers, and establish ongoing stability for partners.

You can learn more about it here.

We firmly believe that search is still in its infancy – and this partnership marks the next chapter in our exploration of how to make search truly great. I want to thank Satya Nadella and his team for working closely with us over the past few months to rejuvenate our partnership. Search has, and will continue to be, an incredibly important part of Yahoo, and this new partnership represents a major step forward in our renaissance.   

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